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Yearly Archives: 2020

Why is My Vehicle Making Strange Noises?

Is your car making strange noises while driving? When your vehicle is telling you something, its best not to ignore it. A strange noise can definitely be an indication that there is an issue with your vehicle, and understand what you hear and when it happens can help narrow down where the problem is stemming from.  If you do hear a strange noise, don’t ignore it! The best thing to do is to make a mental note of when the noise happens and what it sounds like. If the noise is persistent and doesn't go away, we recommend getting your vehicle into DRIVE AutoCare as soon as possible. The sooner we get the issue taken care of, the less repairs that will be needed and the better off your vehicle will be.  Here are some of the most common noises heard while driving:  Squealing, screeching, or grinding while braking Sputtering or rattling exhaust noises from underneath the car Chirping or squealing noise from under the hood Humming, growling or roaring noise while ... read more

DRIVE AutoCare's Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

DRIVE AutoCare's Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

To DRIVE AutoCare customers: I know we are all managing an influx of information - it’s a lot. We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are taking COVID-19 seriously. At this time we are open during our regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. We are considered a “critical” business providing State Inspections as well as providing service to first responders, health care workers, those of us who care for loved ones, need to see a doctor, electricians, plumbers, city officials, day care workers and the list goes on. We will be here to help you as long as is possible. We know you need your vehicle to be safe and dependable so if you should need our services just give us a call at 858-755-5015 (Highway 101) or 858-793-0560 (N. Cedros). Our priority is the health and safety of our customers, employees and community. We have and will continue to take the necessary precautions to ensure this. If you’re hesitant to leave the house, just requ ... read more

What is a CV Axle Replacement?

All front wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles are equipped with parts called the CV axles. The CV axles are an integral part of the suspension system. It is essentially a shaft that has two CV, or constant velocity, joints at the end of either side. These joints are in place to allow the axle shaft to spin as the suspension goes up and down when you steer your vehicle. A front wheel drive vehicle will have two, one for the passenger side and one of the driver's side. In an all wheel driver vehicle, you'll have the two mentioned above plus two in the rear.  The CV joints on either end of the axles are covered with a rubber boot that will hold in grease and prevent dirt and water from getting inside the axle and joints. Eventually, these boots can wear out just with regular use of your vehicle. When the rubber boots are worn, grease can seep out and dirt and water can enter into the joints, causing suspension system issues.  A CV axle re ... read more

What Car Parts Need to Be Replaced?

When you own a vehicle, there are two things that you may find yourself spending money on: maintenance and repairs. The difference is, maintenance is much more affordable and actually helps you avoid having to spend money on repairs. It also protects the overall integrity of your vehicle and increases resell value in the future.  When you spend money on repairs, typically these repairs are needed due to poor maintenance. Repairs can be much more costly because they include having to often times replace parts all together and can be intricate depending on where the part is or how extensive the repairs are. Your car is an investment, and the better you take care of it, the more you get out of your investment. Cars are built with many different parts, and even with great maintenance, some items will wear out and need replacing over time. So, lets look at what goes wrong with vehicles, and when.  Dead battery - the typical car battery only lasts between 3-5 years, so it will n ... read more

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