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California Wildfires and Your Vehicle's Cabin Air Filter

Record-breaking hot weather, low humidity, and wind have fueled California wildfires during the 2020 historic fire season. During the month of September, San Diego experienced ash, soot, and dust from the wildfires in addition to our normal pollen and pollutants.

Your vehicle’s cabin air filter is designed to protect you from these contaminants. Normally, the cabin air filter is changed every 12,000 miles. However, under the current fire conditions, your cabin air filter should be changed more often. (Read to the bottom of this article for DRIVE AutoCare’s special offer!)

About the Cabin Air Filter

In most cars, the cabin air filter sits behind the glove compartment. This filter is a small pleated unit, often made of an engineered material or paper-based, multifiber cotton. Before air can move into the interior of the car, it goes through this filter, trapping any contaminants within the air to prevent them from infiltrating the air you breathe.

Problems Associated With a Dirty Filter

Think of this hard-working filter as “PPE” for your vehicle's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system! A dirty filter can't do its job properly and filter out the contaminants. That means you run the risk of breathing in pollutants that can cause allergic reactions or breathing problems.

Another problem that comes with a clogged filter is poor HVAC efficiency. As a result, your car's heating and cooling system has to work harder, potentially causing the blower motor to burn out. Poor efficiency also leads to a loss of airflow, which can make your car feel less comfortable as the seasons change.

Signs Your Filter Needs Changing

Over time, a clogged cabin air filter will become inevitable, which will affect your vehicle’s interior air quality. You may now be asking, “How do I know when to change a cabin air filter?” Here are some signs to watch for: 

  • Reduced or weak airflow, even when the heat or air conditioner is set to high
  • A whistling sound coming from the cabin air intake ducts
  • Musty, unpleasant odors coming through the air in your vehicle
  • Excessive noise when the heating or cooling system is running
  • Increased dust settling on the vehicle surfaces

We're Here to Help

At DRIVE AutoCare, we know you have a lot on your plate with online classes, COVID, and all the changes going on in the world. We want to keep things easy for you!

During the month of October, we are offering a FREE cabin air filter with any paid service. Simply type the offer code "CABINAIR" when you book your appointment now through October 31, 2020.

(The cabin air filter is free with any paid service. Some vehicles that require dashboard disassembly to replace the filter are excluded. Cannot be combined with other offer or special. Offer ends on 10/31/2020.)


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