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6 Important Items To Include In Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

Vehicle Emergency Kit

Vehicle maintenance is an important responsibility for all drivers. While maintenance tasks such as oil changes and tire alignments are undoubtedly important, most people forget about their vehicle’s emergency kit. The unexpected can happen, and staying prepared can potentially save someone’s life. At the very least, staying prepared can make minor setbacks more manageable. In case of an emergency, there are a few essentials that you should keep stored in the trunk in case you may need them. 

Extra Phone charger
A phone charger specifically just for the car is a great item to keep tucked inside the trunk. A phone charger allows you to stay accessible. 

Jumper Cables
If an electrical accessory is left on, a dead battery can follow.  This can leave you completely standard. If another driver is present, jumper cables can get you back on the road safely in no time. If you have a few extra dollars, a portable jump starter may be a better alternative if you’re driving in a sparsely populated area. 

Vehicle Escape Tool
A vehicle escape tool comes in handy if an emergency, especially if you become trapped in your vehicle. They typically consist of a window breaker and seatbelt cutter. Try finding an item with combined benefits such as a flashlight with a seat belt cutter and window breaker attached. 

Fire Extinguisher
There’s extensive electrical wiring with vehicles and several hot moving aspects components. Engines can certainly smoke and overheat. While Vehicle fires are rare, it’s always best to have an extinguisher than to not. An extinguisher not only comes in handy for yourself, it’s also helpful if you need to help other drivers on the road. 

First Aid Kit Supplies
Keep a few bandaids, gauze, and ointment stored in your vehicle just in case you or your passengers need minor med care.

Flares and Glow Sticks
If you were in an accident or experiencing mechanical trouble, flares can alert drivers so they can avoid your area cautiously. Drivers may not notice you on the side of the road and dangerously speed past you. They may also fail to provide you with an adequate amount of space and accidentally hit your or your vehicle. This can make a difficult situation turn dangerous. 

Your emergency kit may need to include additional items such as tire chains, sleeping bags, or even extra vehicle fluids depending on your driving habits. Your emergency kit can be customized to fit your specific needs. While this list isn’t all-encompassing, it does include a few essential items that would come in handy for most drivers.


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