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Why is My Coolant Milky?

Why is My Coolant Milky?

Coolant is an essential fluid that should be regularly checked as your vehicle tacks on miles. Periodically inspecting the coolant can find potential problems before they turn into severe damage. If you pop the hood and check the coolant, it should be pollutant-free and sweet-smelling. Healthy engine coolant is typically green and pink. Coolant in an unhealthy engine is milky-looking. Milky coolant can appear grey, dull, dark, or white. Coolant that is milky and dull in color can indicate a significant issue with the head gasket that needs immediate attention. A vehicle’s head gasket is fitted between the engine block and cylinder head. It’s usually made of copper or steel material. The head gasket has numerous functions, but its primary job is to keep the coolant and motor oil separate from the combustion chamber. If this function fails, the coolant can become diluted with oil. Diluted coolant will not be able to adequately cool the engine, eventually leading to the engin ... read more

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