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Your Car's A/C is About to Get a Workout

We’ve already seen extreme heat in San Diego this summer with record-setting temperatures in Borrego Springs, Campo, and Chula Vista according to the National Weather Service. Although we’re only a few days into summer, the forecast is for more hot days for San Diego County!  That means your car's air-conditioning system is about to get a workout as the long summer days heat up. 

Your vehicle’s air conditioning is a sophisticated system that works hard to keep you cool. There are 5 main components of your air conditioning (A/C) including: 

  • Compressor - This is an essential component of a car’s A/C that pressurizes refrigerant to cool the air. The compressor senses temperature changes inside and outside your car while controlling the temperature output. 
  • Condenser - Located at the front of the radiator, the condenser receives air from the compressor and works to reduce the temperature/pressure of hot gasses coming from the refrigerant. 
  • Receiver (or Dryer) - A receiver or dryer works to separate gas from the liquid while taking away moisture. It has filters that protect the A/C from contaminants.
  • Thermal Expansion Valve - Located between the condenser and evaporator, it monitors the pressure and temperature in your A/C system before calculating the exact amount of refrigerant that can go safely into the evaporator for cooling. 
  • Evaporator - Behind the dashboard, the evaporator is in charge of cooling the air with the refrigerant before the air is blown in your vehicle’s cabin. 

If your A/C isn’t blowing as cold as it used to, take advantage of DRIVE AutoCare's $99 A/C special!  

For only $99, DRIVE AutoCare will check your vehicle's vent temperatures, system pressures, plus perform a 12-point inspection of your A/C’s components and critical systems.

Regularly priced at $149, our $99 A/C special expires July 31, 2021 so make your appointment today! This offer is valid for most vehicles and does not include Freon if needed or additional labor for necessary repairs.

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