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What is a CV Axle Replacement?

What is a CV Axle Replacement? | DRIVE AutoCare

All front wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles are equipped with parts called the CV axles. The CV axles are an integral part of the suspension system. It is essentially a shaft that has two CV, or constant velocity, joints at the end of either side. These joints are in place to allow the axle shaft to spin as the suspension goes up and down when you steer your vehicle. A front wheel drive vehicle will have two, one for the passenger side and one of the driver's side. In an all wheel driver vehicle, you'll have the two mentioned above plus two in the rear. 

The CV joints on either end of the axles are covered with a rubber boot that will hold in grease and prevent dirt and water from getting inside the axle and joints. Eventually, these boots can wear out just with regular use of your vehicle. When the rubber boots are worn, grease can seep out and dirt and water can enter into the joints, causing suspension system issues. 

A CV axle replacement is recommended when the CV joints or boots are damaged. While there is no specific time frame for how often you might need a CV axle replacement, here are some of the symptoms that can indicate you may be due for one: 

  • A clicking noise when turning
  • Black axle grease either inside your wheel or on the ground
  • Your vehicle vibrates when traveling at high speeds

If you do suspect that you need a CV axle repair or other suspension repair, don't hesitate to give us a call here at DRIVE Auto Care today for friendly service. Feel free to make an appointment via our online appointment form for your next visit today! 

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