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What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean

Over the years, technology has made life easier, especially when driving. Power steering, in particular, has made driving simple and even fun. Initially, the power steering system relied on hydraulic pumps that moved fluid towards the wheel for easy navigation. With electrical systems in use today, power steering is now common and affordable. It has also made detecting problems quick through a warning light on your vehicle's dashboard.

The power steering warning light is recognizable on the dashboard since it's either orange, yellow, or a red steering wheel with an exclamation mark on its side. An illuminated EPS initial appears instead for the electrical power steering system but indicates the same message. The warning light coming on is bound to make you worried because it is accompanied by difficulties in steering, which is dangerous.

What Does the Power Steering Warning Light Indicate?

If your car relies on hydraulic power steering, this warning light signals a low fluid level. In most cases, it's caused by a hose leak. When you notice this light come on while driving, you should immediately look for a safe place, park your car, and check the steering wheel fluid reservoir. Refill the fluid and restart your car. However, refilling is a temporary fix since leakage is a more serious problem requiring an expert's help.

Vehicles with electric power steering don't use hydraulic power steering controls. Instead, they receive system information from the steering angle sensor. Thus, any problem is indicated by an EPS light. The cause may be challenging to understand. It could mean a faulty battery or alternator, so try and check the connections for any visible problems.

Sometimes restarting your engine can reset the system, but you should have it diagnosed as soon as possible if it doesn't turn off. Like a hydraulic system, the electrical power steering is also disabled after the light turns on, making steering hard and dangerous.

Should You Drive With the Power Steering Light On?

When this warning light comes on, your vehicle loses its power steering assist since it gets disabled, making it difficult to maneuver. Without power steering, you are exposed to danger because it's a leading cause of car accidents. It's therefore highly recommended to avoid driving or to drive carefully to DRIVE AutoCare for inspection.

With such indicators, if you need power steering repair, give our auto repair shop in Solana Beach, CA, a call today!

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