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What Does the ABS Light Mean?

Your automobile's anti-lock braking system (ABS) light usually signifies that there's an issue with one or more brake components. Your brake fluid may be running out, the signals from wheel sensors may be malfunctioning, or the entire system may be down. Whatever the problem may be, the professional technicians at Drive AutoCare can properly diagnose your ABS light. We’ll get you the brake repair you need. 

What Does the ABS Do?

Today’s ABS relies on its sensors to monitor each wheel’s speed to prevent your brakes from locking up. The sensors will communicate with your vehicle’s computer when it picks up instability. For example, if your wheels are slipping on snow or hydroplaning in the rain, you can rely on the ABS to keep your brakes working. 

What Should You Do If The ABS Light Is On?

When your vehicle’s ABS light is illuminated, you should not be too alarmed. Once you are safe and parked, turn off your car and restart it to see if the light goes away. Sometimes, it can be a false alarm. However, if the light remains lit on the dashboard, there may be a fault within the ABS that needs repairs. In this case, you should bring your vehicle to the experts at Drive AutoCare. Our technicians can scan your vehicle to assess what your ABS needs.

Is It Safe To Continue Driving When The ABS Light Comes On?

In most cases, your vehicle should be safe to drive with the ABS light on. Your primary braking system (drum, disc brakes) will work as normal, and your ABS is the system that is disengaged. However, your vehicle may skid in certain conditions so please drive with caution. Nevertheless, it is important to get the repairs done soon.

If you need ABS repairs in Solana Beach, CA, we invite you to bring your car to Drive AutoCare.

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