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What are the Top Seasonal Vehicle Repairs?

Cars are complex vehicles that have a lot of moving parts, all of which have to work well in order for the vehicle to effectively and efficiently operate. Vehicles in warmer climates are doing to need different things than cars that have to go through the cold weather. But either way, there are certain seasonal repairs that are common with many different vehicles.


One of the biggest things people often have to have looked over and repaired in the spring is the braking system. The winter months may have put the brakes through a lot, especially in colder conditions, and it can wear down the brake pads. Brake pad replacement and other fixes in the spring are very common.


Since summer is warm almost everywhere in the country, one of the biggest complaints customers have about their vehicles is the air conditioning. Either the AC won't work at all, or it will start to blow warmer air, which is a real problem when the temperatures rise. Many times, adding Freon and other small repairs can bring things back up to the right level.


Headlights often go out in the fall, as they have made it through the summer months and now need to be changed in time for winter. The sun isn't up for as long and people notice easier that their headlights are starting to go bad, or that one is out completely.


When the temperatures drop way too fast for your comfort, you are going to take note that the heater in your car isn't working right. That might mean a filter needs to be changed out, or it might be something more serious. Either way, during the winter, lots of people come to repair shops with issues within the heating system.

If you have any of these problems in any season--or any other issues, for that matter, give our auto repair shop a call today. We're here to repair and maintain your vehicle to the best of our ability to make sure everything works effectively and efficiently to keep you safe and comfortable.

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