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Tires Solana Beach, Del Mar, Encinitas, Cardiff, Rancho Sante Fe

Discount Tires Solana Beach, Del Mar, Encinitas, Cardiff, Rancho Sante Fe

Tires Solana Beach, Del Mar, Encinitas, Cardiff, Rancho Sante Fe

Tires Solana Beach, Del Mar, Encinitas, Cardiff, Rancho Sante Fe requires consumers of tires to consider the following when purchasing new tires in order to maximize their value:

1. Size Matters:  A tire's size is listed on its sidewalls in a sequence such as P265/70R16.  Replacement tires should always match what's noted in your owner's manual or car door jamb, not necessarily what's currently on your vehicle.

2. Age Matters:   Tires naturally deteriorate over time and even faster in warmer climates.  A tire's manufacture date is noted as a four-digit number following a letter sequence beginning with DOT, indicating the week and year it was manufactured — 5009, for instance, means the 50th week of 2009.  Vehicle manufacturers recommend you replace tires after six years, no matter what their condition. Since some tire retailers stock old tires, we recommend you check the age code to make sure you're not being sold tires that are already several years old.

3. Know Tire Lingo:  "All-season" tires are a popular and wise choice for most drivers. But "high-performance" or "ultra high-performance" tires many not be for you because they will likely wear out quicker.

4. Think Twice About the Value of the Warranty:   Tire manufacturers often tout mileage warranties up to 80,000 miles.  In truth, drivers never get that kind of mileage from their tires.  Before buying tires based on mileage warranties, you should read the fine-print details: If tires wear out prematurely, you only get a prorated credit for replacements -- you don't get a new set of tires -- and you'll probably hvae to prove you properly cared for the tires by keeping them inflated to the right pressure, aligned and rotated every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. T

5. Don't Rely on the TPMS:  TPMS is the  Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which warns when tires are underinflated. Insufficient air pressure not only is a safety hazard but speeds tire wear.  But the tire pressure monitoring system gives a warning only when tires are underinflated by 25 percent or more.  To make your tires last longer, take five minutes every month to ensure that they're inflated according to specs listed on the car's door jamb. What's noted on the tires themselves is the maximum allowable pressure, not the pressure you want.

The Service Managers at DRIVE AutoCare are a great resource for you.  We recommend Discount Tire in Encinitas.

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