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The Different Types Of Brake Pads And How To Keep Them Working Properly

The Different Types Of Brake Pads And How To Keep Them Working Properly | DRIVE AutoCare

Brake pads are an essential component that stands ready to act behind each and every move you make. With their diverse forms and types, tailored to different driving styles, understanding their intricacies is key to ensuring your safety. From the robustness of semi-metallic pads to the smooth operation of ceramic ones, let's take a closer look at three of the most popular choices and how to maintain them.

  Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Semi-metallic pads are known for their ability to handle high temperatures and heavy use, making them a popular choice for vehicles that frequently carry heavy loads or engage in high-performance driving. They offer excellent braking power and are less prone to brake fade, a decrease in stopping power that can occur due to overheating during intense braking.

However, one downside of semi-metallic brake pads is that they tend to produce more noise and dust compared to some other types, such as ceramic brake pads. Despite this, their robust construction and reliability make them a common choice for many vehicles, especially those used for towing, hauling, or frequent braking in demanding conditions.

How can I maintain them? 
Keeping them in top shape demands inspections, monitoring their thickness and guarding against uneven wear or corrosion. A little care, in the form of regular caliper cleaning and strategic lubrication, goes a long way in ensuring their longevity and unwavering performance.

  Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are a type of brake pad used in performance vehicles. These brake pads are made from a composite of ceramic materials, non ferrous filler materials, and bonding agents. They are designed to provide a smooth and quiet braking experience while minimizing dust production and wear on the brake rotors.

One of the key benefits of ceramic brake pads is their ability to generate less noise and produce minimal dust compared to other types, such as semi-metallic brake pads. This makes them a popular choice for drivers who prioritize a clean, quiet driving experience, and a lot of braking. Additionally, ceramic brake pads are generally more resistant to wear, which can contribute to a longer lifespan for the brake system as a whole.

How can I maintain them? 
It involves periodic checks for dust buildup, gently brushing or wiping away any surface glazing, and ensuring the rotors stay pristine. By maintaining this tranquility, these pads will continue to offer a frictionless journey, whispering their way to perfection.

  Organic Brake Pads

Organic or natural brake pads are a popular choice. They are composed primarily of organic materials such as rubber, glass, and resins. These brake pads are known for their smooth and eco-friendly braking performance, making them a popular choice for everyday city driving and light to moderate use. While organic brake pads are effective for everyday driving, they may not be as durable as semi-metallic or ceramic brake pads, particularly in high-stress situations or under heavy loads.

How can I maintain them? 
Their performance necessitates requiring regular inspections for signs of wear, watching out for any indications of reduced efficiency or fading. By fostering a moderate driving style and evading aggressive braking, these pads will lead you on a smooth and eco-friendly ride. A sprinkle of cleaning now and then keeps them in tune, ensuring a seamless journey.

Do you need a set of new brake pads? If so, contact us at DRIVE AutoCare, and we will take care of it, and anything else that needs attention!

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