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Teaching New Drivers About Vehicle Maintenance

Teach New Drivers About Auto Maintenance

Teaching new drivers about vehicle maintenance is as important as teaching them how to operate a vehicle. Learning some basic maintenance tips will help them keep your vehicle, or theirs, in good working order. Here are some basics to keep in mind:

Perform All Regularly Scheduled Maintenance
Preventative automotive maintenance (before your vehicle needs) can extend the life of your vehicle and help avoid the vast majority of unexpected breakdowns. Regular oil changes, tune-ups, and frequent inspections by a skilled mechanic make a world of difference in keeping your vehicle in good order as well as in optimizing fuel consumption levels.

Perform Pre-Trip Inspections
Before a trip, especially a long distance one, your should take the time to check and top off fluids as well as to check your tires.

Pay Attention to the Console And Listen To Your Vehicle
Pay attention to warning lights. If your ‘check engine’ light is on, take it to a mechanic. Don’t neglect these warnings or it could be more costly to do repairs when they can no longer be avoided. Listen to your vehicle, too, so that you get early warnings when something is amiss!

Work with a Trustworthy Mechanic
New drivers or those who aren’t well-versed on mechanical basics can feel like they are at the mercy of unscrupulous mechanics. Take the time to find a good local mechanic that has a great reputation and use them regularly in order to accumulate accurate service records (which is also a good idea for your vehicle’s resale). A good automotive repair shop in your neighborhood could help you ensure that regardless of your driving experience level, you will feel confident that your new driver's car will transport them safely.

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