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Prepare Your Car For Summer in Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe Solana Beach

Prepare Your Car For Summer in Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe Solana Beach

Prepare Your Car For Summer in Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe Solana Beach

Prepare Your Car For Summer in Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe Solana Beach because warmer temperatures can be hard on a vehicle.  With the right precautions, though, you can minimize the toll that heat and sun take on your car.

Here are five tips to prepare your car for summer:

1. Check air pressure in your tires: It's critical to have properly inflated tires to assure the best possible contact between the tires and the road. An improperly inflated tire can overheat, potentially leading to a blowout on the highway.  Check your owner's manual or the driver side door jamb to find the correct tire pressure. Check the pressure in the morning when the tires are cold. Properly inflated tires will also last longer and improve gas mileage.

2. Check the A/C system:  Now that it's warmer, run the A/C for a bit to see if it still blows cold. Pay attention to any strange noises or odors. The system may need cleaning, have a leak or need to be recharged; DRIVE AutoCare can help inspect and recharge your A/C.

3. Inspect the wiper fluid and blades: Visibility is always important. Check the wiper fluid reservoir and top it off if necessary. Take a look at the wiper blades, too. In most cases, we recommend replacing these in the winter, since the heat can dry out the rubber. But if you expect rain this summer, you should consider replacing them now. Run the wipers with the fresh washer fluid and see whether or not they streak the windshield.

4. Perform an under-the-hood inspection: You probably haven't cracked open the hood all winter, and who can blame you?  Bring your vehicle to DRIVE AutoCare for a complimentary 30 point vehicle inspection.  Here are just a few items we will check as a result of the warmer weather:

Battery: We will check for corrosion on the battery terminals.

Oil: In the past, the conventional wisdom was to switch to a heavier oil in the summer and a lighter oil in the winter. This is outdated advice and doesn't apply to any car built in the past 10-15 years. Modern cars have very specific oil needs, and the engines are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures with the factory oil.

Coolant:  We will inspect the coolant in the reservoir, checking both the level and its condition, it should be clear, not cloudy.

Brake fluid: We will inspect your brake fluid, if the reservoir looks low, this is one instance when we wouldn't top it off. In many cases, the brake fluid will drop to match the wear on the pads. A low level could also be a sign of a leak in the brake system, in which case topping it off is only delaying the inevitable repair. If you're running low on brake fluid, take the car to your mechanic or dealer for a closer look at the brake system.

5. Wash and wax the car:  The summer is the best time to give your vehicle a detailing.   We recommend Cardiff Valero on Birmingham Street.

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