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Independent Mercedes Repair

Independent Mercedes Repair

Independent Mercedes Repair

Independent Mercedes Repair and maintenance means not going to the dealer.  If you want to save time and money, DRIVE AutoCare in Solana Beach, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Cardiff and Encinitas is an ideal option to the Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Vehicle Longevity

One of the best reasons to turn to DRIVE AutoCare is our dedication to the long life of your vehicle.  A dealership makes most of its money on the sale of new cars.  As an independent repair shop, we are focused on making sure your vehicle remains in good operating condition for a long period of time.

Lower Prices

A dealership uses expensive parts manufactured by the car company. Typically the dealer promotes these as the best parts.  However, many parts obtained from other sources are just as good without the inflated price.  Only an independent Mercedes repair shop can access these non-dealer parts which can keep your costs down without any sacrifice of quality.  And the misconception that non-dealer parts void your warranty is absolutely false.

Personal Attention

A dealer handles large numbers of customers on a daily basis (you've experienced the lines).  When you take your vehicle to an independent Mercedes repair shop like ours, you know you can talk to someone who remembers you and your car (and your dog and your kids).  We offer a customer shuttle and complimentary Concierge Service (we pick up your car, repair it and return it to your home or office).

More Convenient

As an independent shop, DRIVE AutoCare offers more flexible hours, as well as a number of other conveniences to make things easier for our customers. Some of these services include early and late pickup and drop off, loaner cars, vehicle delivery and pickup, online appointment making and shuttle services. And we are located in a residential area providing easier access to our locations.

When faced with choosing between an independent repair shop and a Mercedes-Benz dealership, you may feel as if the dealership is the better choice. However, you can save time and money by choosing DRIVE AutoCare without concern over sacrificing the quality of the service.


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