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How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

Shock absorbers are a crucial part of a car's suspension system. They maintain incredible traction between the tires and ground by preventing excessive movements caused by speed bumps and potholes. All the same, after years of hard work, your shock absorbers are subject to wear and tear and will eventually fail, calling for a replacement.

Naturally, you can use your shock absorbers for approximately 50,000 miles before you need to replace them. However, this is dependent on where, how, and for how long you drive. If you mostly drive on the less beaten paths, your shock absorbers are more likely to fail more quickly, unlike in cars driven on smooth and leveled roads. Other factors such as weather can also contribute to corrosion, thereby reducing your car's shock absorbers and strut life span.

When Should You Replace Your Shock Absorbers

Your car's shock absorbers play a vital role in enhancing comfort and safety on the road. In fact, they are considered a regular maintenance item. As such, you should have the entire suspension system regularly inspected for damage, wear, and fluid leaks. This is way better than depending on time or mileage to determine when to replace your shocks and struts. You can have the system inspected every 40,000 to 50,000 miles, followed by annual checks. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate your shock absorbers are failing and need a replacement:

  • Knocking sound emanating from the rear suspension

  • Tires wear unevenly

  • The vehicle suddenly swerves when braking

  • The brakes take a longer time to stop the car

  • Leaking fluid

  • Bushings are cracked at attachment points

  • Excessive vibrations while driving

Given the shock absorbers' importance, it would be best to contact the Service Team at DRIVE AutoCare as soon as you notice any of these signs. We strongly advise against DIY trials on your shock absorbers and the suspension system in general. Suffice to say, a successful repair calls for a trained and certified mechanic with specialized tools and years of experience in the industry - exactly what we have at DRIVE AutoCare!

If you need a shock absorber replacement, stop by one of our two convenient locations in Solana Beach today! No matter what shocks you're running.... we can diagnose and install the perfect shocks for your vehicle.

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