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How Do I Know If I Need New Tires?

Over time, your tires are going to wear out. The treadwear from driving around, exposure to heat, and the age of the tire can all wear them down and make them dangerous to drive around. Knowing the right time to replace your tires will make you safe on the road.

Why is the Tread Wear Important?

With good treads on the tire, the car is able to drive better. However, if these treads wear down, the vehicle will struggle in bad weather conditions including snow and rain. The worn treads can wear down the other parts of the car as well. To check the tread of the tire, you can use a penny.

Point the head of President Lincoln down and insert it into the grooves of the tire. If you can see any part of Lincoln's head, this is a sign that the tread is wearing down and you need to replace the tires.

The Age of the Tires

Regardless of how much wear there is on the treads, there are a lot of manufacturers that will recommend you replace the tires of any vehicle after six years, though you should not go more than ten. It will depend on the specific tires that you decide to use as well. No matter how much you drive around, it is important to replace the tires as they get older.

Heat and Your Temperature

Exposure to heat and the sun can cause damage to the tires. Any kind of extreme weather conditions, including snow and ice as well as heat, will cause your tires to wear down. And if you live in a city with bad road conditions like rocks and potholes, your tires may get worn down faster.

If your tires are going through any of the above, then it is time to get a replacement and we'd love to talk to you about your needs. DRIVE AutoCare provides services the local tire shop cannot:

  1. We give you a FREE 4-WHEEL ALIGNMENT CHECK with 2 or 4 tires purchased!
  2. We actually TEST DRIVE your vehicle after tire installation to make sure everything’s good to go. 
  3. We fill your tires with NITROGEN. This is a very important step that makes your tires run cooler and hold proper pressure longer. 
  4. We have REAL LIVE MECHANICS that can help spot any problems.
  5. We offer FLAT REPAIRS and REBALANCING for the life of the tire!
  6. We don’t try to talk you into some other tire. We’ll get you exactly what you want.

Schedule an appointment today and we'll help you get the tires you want at a price that cannot be matched! 

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