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Future Technologies for the Connected Car

Future Technologies for the Connected Car

Future Technologies for the Connected Car:

Future Technologies for the Connected Car, as we understand it...


It's dangerous and illegal to use your smartphone while driving, but sometimes you just need to ask Siri, "Where's the nearest gas station?" while you're navigating unfamiliar territory. Get ready for a proliferation of systems that will allow you to better operate your smartphone hands-free. Look for technology that will turn your apps into a voice-activated experience, such as sending a text or tweet through natural speech.


The days of conventional gauges displaying speed and temperature are soon to be in the past. Look for a fully digital dashboard, which replaces the instrument cluster in front of the driver. Larger displays will have exceptional clarity and top-notch 3-D graphics.


Car crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens and speeding is a contributing factor in about a third of those crashes. A new app is being developed that allows parents to monitor and set restrictions on the car's speed, hours of operation and where it travels. If the driver exceeds a preset speed limit, for example, the parent will receive an alert via text, email and soon, a mobile app. The teenage driver also will see a notification on the vehicle's multimedia screen.


Cars that can find their way to a destination without the input of a driver have been in the works for long enough that it is no longer a question of if there will be driverless cars, but when. In fact, Volvo has launched a corporate initiative that by 2020 no person should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo. The company says it believes that self-driving cars, as well as autonomous driving features, are part of the answer, as they can prevent crashes. Meanwhile, the company's first autonomous driving features will appear in the 2015 Volvo XC90, with an adaptive cruise control system that can automatically steer to follow the car ahead of it in a line of traffic. The system also can detect when your car is about to drive off the road's edge and steer it back on track.

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