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FAQs on Brake Rotors

What Are Rotors?

Rotors, working in conjunction with brake pads and calipers, are an essential part of your brake system that causes your car to slow down and/or stop. They are the circular metal piece that the brake pads come into contact with to control your wheels and stop them from spinning. They are often overlooked, but they are just as crucial as brake pads and any other brake component required for decelerating.

What Could Go Wrong with Rotors?

It doesn't take a scientist to conclude that heat is not a friend of metal. The intense heat from the friction of your brake system can cause warping and wear and tear on your rotors. Experts suggest that you replace your rotors every 30,000 - 70,000 miles, depending on usage. Rotor and brake pad replacement usually go hand in hand since the two parts are 'mated' and typically have the same wear pattern. Not replacing your rotors (and brake pads) when they wear down or get bent out of shape can cause your brake system to fail altogether. Rotors don't usually fail (your brake pads do), which is why this photo of a broken rotor is so unusual. However, they can get warped or bent out of shape if you are too harsh on your brakes.

Signs That You Need New Rotors

Squeaking, rough stopping, and vibrations or shakiness when slowing down your vehicle are all signs that you may need new rotors. When your rotors are in poor shape, you will definitely hear them and feel them. 

If you suspect you are experiencing premature brake wear, please make it your duty to take your car to DRIVE AutoCare as soon as possible. Our expert team would be happy to inspect your braking system and tell you if any parts need repairs or replacing. Give us a call or visit today!


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