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Factory Recommended Services - How Important Are They?

Vehicles are machines, and like any machine they need maintenance. For most vehicles, regular maintenance begins at 5,000 miles and continues from there every 5,000-10,000 miles. Of course, checking your car on a more regular basis is even better.

Why do you need to maintain your car regularly?

Properly maintaining your vehicle is key to keeping it in top condition. It can also help ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers, and your fellow drivers. Here are the reasons maintaining your car is the right choice.

Preventing future repairs

When your car develops a problem, and you leave it unattended, the problem can potentially become bigger. For example, if you ignore an oil leak, your lubrication and transmission systems will get damaged, plus the engine's car starting system and other components. By repairing a car the moment you notice a problem, you can avoid all the additional problems.

Increasing your car's lifespan

As you use your car, most of its components, including the brake pads, wheel, timing belt, etc., will wear out. If left unattended, these problems will eventually ground your car. Regular maintenance will ensure worn-out parts are replaced as soon as they get detected. This ensures your transmission fluid, gearing, transmission, starters, and everything else remain in good shape. As a result, your car will serve you even longer than you had anticipated.

Do you need scheduled maintenance?

Of course, you need scheduled maintenance, but when you are so busy it's hard to make time. DRIVE AutoCare can reserve an appointment for you to get you in and out quickly!  We even have Concierge Service from your home or office that we offer free of charge

You may not develop your own maintenance schedule, but rest assured --- DRIVE AutoCare knows your vehicle's optimal maintenance schedule and will keep you updated!

If you need factory-recommended maintenance, we invite you to bring your vehicle to one of our two convenient locations in Solana Beach today! We're here to serve you.

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