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Common Misconceptions About Engine Oil

When it comes to your vehicle maintenance, engine oil is the most critical responsibility. Oil permits the various parts of your engine to seamlessly run without banging against each other. It also prevents your internal systems from reaching unbearable temperatures. However, numerous myths have invaded general knowledge when it comes to motor oil. We're here today to debunk the four most common myths about engine oil.

Myth #1: You Should Always Replace Dark Oil

The dark color is not the only sign that your oil is dirty or no longer functional. Some oils turn almost black as soon as the additives start cleaning your engine. Nevertheless, gritty or grainy textured oil is contaminated and should be replaced. 

Myth #2: Synthetic Oil Cause Leaks

Synthetic oil was first created and used in 1970, and leaks were common when they first hit the market. Back then, synthetics could bring about the additional wear and tear to seals and gaskets in your vehicle's engine. In 2021, this is no longer the case. Today, new formulas are engineered to better your engine by protecting its essential components. With advanced ingredients, synthetic oils are deemed better than conventional when it comes to protecting your engine.

Myth #3: You Cannot Switch Back After Using Synthetic 

This is a widespread myth that needs to be killed. The fact is that switching between synthetic and conventional oils will not create any harm to your engine at all. You can also gradually introduce the switch by using semi-synthetic blends to ease the process. Semi-synthetic oils are a mix of synthetic and conventional oils.

Myth #4: "I Changed My Filter Last Time, So I Don't Need to This Time"

The oil filter is made to filter out the sludge, grime, and even dirt that gets collected in your engine. As with any other filter, the more debris it contains, the sooner you'd need to replace it. Oil filters are only designed to last one oil cycle, so you need to swap it out whenever your oil is changed.

If you require an oil change, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to DRIVE Autocare.

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