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Car Care Del Mar Solana Beach Encinitas Cardiff Rancho Santa Fe

Car Care Del Mar Solana Beach Encinitas Cardiff Rancho Santa Fe

Car Care Del Mar Solana Beach Encinitas Cardiff Rancho Santa Fe

Car Care Del Mar Solana Beach Encinitas Cardiff Rancho Santa Fe means regular automotive repairs and maintenance.  However, if you're hands on, there are some jobs you should definitely leave to the pros according to

  1. Body Work and Paint:  Repairing damaged panels and applying paint is expensive, messy, noxious, and time consuming. We believe that auto body work is one of those repairs that a specialized professional is the only obvious option.
  2. Computers and Tuning:  Unless you are an ASE-certified master technician, you shouldn't be fooling with air/fuel ratios, shift points, and redline limiters.
  3. Windshield Replacement:  By the time you pay for all the adhesive, fresh clips, and any required window trim pieces, the $300 quote you got doesn’t seem all that bad.  We recommend you make the investment in a brand-new windshield that's professionally installed, because the last thing you need is a leaky piece of glass ruining your interior.
  4. Electrical Gremlins:  There are endless yards of electric wiring in a car  (for example, a Bentley utilizes an adult’s weight in wiring), with hundreds of connectors, sensors, and computers plugged into them. We recommend you shy away from this hornet's nest.
  5. Fuel System Fixes:  Fuel systems have the capacity to cause headaches, garage fires, 3rd degree burns and even unconsciousness. Play it safe and leave anything having to do with replacing a fuel pump, tank, injectors, rails, or pressurized lines to the pros
  6. Snapped Coil Springs:  Always under extreme pressure and strong enough to kill, the springs on a car are tightly wound and the dangers associated with swapping springs make it a chore that’s best to hand-off to a mechanic.
  7. Transmission Fixes:  A car’s transmission is a twisted maze of gears, tensioners, bearings, and rods, all of which have to fit right back where they belong in order to work.  Good luck getting all those sensors out of the way without breaking a few crusty clips and smashing a finger or two. Even automatic gearboxes on a small four-cylinder weigh a lot, so you’ll also need some serious assistance in order to get a new gearbox to go in its home.
  8. A/C System Restoration:  The amount of parts that require replacement on a car when an A/C compressor locks-up is staggering. Expensive, time consuming, and dangerous, this is a task that even trained professionals dread doing.
  9. Brake Plumbing and Reservoir Replacement:  Even the small stuff, like replacing your brake pads and rotors can put you in dangerous territory really quick so when something like a master cylinder or a line rusts in half, it’s usually best to take your car to a shop for repairs in order for everything to be flared and fixed properly.
  10. Defective Air Bag: Unplugging everything properly and removing the old air bag unit is one thing; fitting in the fresh airbag can be a completely different story. Relying upon trained professionals will provide you both with peace of mind and factory fitment without all the headaches.

Need help with any of these items?  Contact DRIVE AutoCare's team of ASE-certified master technicians.

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