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Biggest Car Maintenance Mistakes

There are different types of car maintenance mistakes that car owners should know and understand clearly. Considering that cars are one of the most valuable assets we own, car owners should not only pay attention when something goes wrong, but regularly confirm their vehicle's top performance to avoid costing them more in the long run. These mistakes include:

Not Following Routine Services

It's important to follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation to extend the life of your vehicle. You should go for regular maintenance check-ups from time to time, as this reduces the cost of repairs that may arise if not attended.

Overheating of the Car

Your car will still run even if it's overheating, but make sure it doesn't run for a long time. Hence, monitoring of temperature gauge is recommended.

Not Checking Tire Pressure

Since tires are the only car parts in contact with the surface, the pressure may keep on reducing, which causes them to flatten. Under-inflated tires may also cause more gas usage, which is uneconomical. Regular tire rotation makes it last longer.

Oil Change Neglect

The newer the car, the less oil change is needed. Nevertheless, they may need an oil change every 3,000 miles. Don't leave it longer than 8,000-10,000 miles before you have an oil change. Vehicles that have covered longer mileage need an oil change every 3,000 miles.

Assuming Engine Warning Lights

Any warning engine light is a reason to take your car to the nearest service center for a check-up. One should have diagnostic tools to help deal with the matter when the need arises.

Ignoring Your Windshield/Wipers

Even the smallest thing in a car should not be taken for granted. Windshield wipers are mostly used during the rainy season, but their replacement tends to be little concern to many car owners.

Brake Change

The longer you take to check and change your brakes, the more costly it may be. They wear out completely and start to work away at the rotators, which will be expensive to repair. In many cases, mechanics check for free.

Use of Poor Coolant

The purpose of a coolant is not only to cool, but also to inhibit corrosion, hence protecting the metal parts in a car system. Therefore, car owners should not assume that water can replace a coolant.
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