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Automotive Warning Signs Not To Be Ignored

automotive warning signs

Don't Let These Warning Signs Result In A Breakdown

Car problems, if detected early, can be dealt with before they develop into something more serious. Knowing these automotive warning signs and visiting an auto repair shop immediately can save you a lot of time and money. These warning signs are:

  1. Flashing Check Engine Light: If your Check Engine light is illuminated there's no cause for alarm but you should still have your vehicle checked. But if the Check Engine light is flashing, it's a sign that your engine needs to be checked immediately. The problem might be the emissions system which could cause damage to the catalytic converter if you continue driving.
  2. Odd Smells: If you smell something burning while driving, your problem could be the brakes, wheel bearings, transmission, or engine belts. A sickly-sweet smell could also indicate a coolant leak.
  3. Noisy Brakes: Get the brakes checked as soon as you hear them making a squealing or grinding noise when you press on the pedal.
  4. Exhaust Emitting Excessive Smoke: This is usually an indication of an oil leak.
  5. Car Pulling To One Side: This is an indication that your car is out of alignment. Avoid premature tire wear and get your car aligned. Driving for 12,000 miles with a toe misalignment of only 0.34 degrees (.17 inches) would be the equivalent to dragging your tires sideways for 68 miles
  6. Leaks: When inspecting leaks under your car, you should look for bright green liquid, which is the coolant, or a dark red/brown liquid, which could be the transmission oil, brake fluid or engine oil.
  7. Hard Starting or Stalling: This could be any number of issues including a low battery, faulty starter, broken engine belts, or malfunctioning sensors that prevent gasoline flow or timing problems.

Heed these warning signs and see a mechanic immediately. Contact Drive AutoCare and we will help you get back on the road quickly.

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