Auto Repair Headlights Solana Beach Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe

Auto RepairAuto Repair Headlights Solana Beach Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe

Auto Repair Headlights Solana Beach Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe

Auto Repair Headlights Solana Beach Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe, we recommend replacing headlights in pairs and restoring your lenses as needed. Replacing just one failed bulb can result in an unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beam which is a potential safety risk. For the driver, unbalanced headlights means the road ahead will not be properly lit. For the oncoming driver, it will be harder to see and more difficult to position on the road; he may also be confused with a single headlight vehicle such as a motorcycle.

Many drivers will only replace a bulb that has completely failed, but for maximum driving safety, an aging bulb should replaced before it burns out. As the filament of a halogen headlight bulb ages, the bulb’s light output deteriorates. At the end of their typical service life, headlight bulbs project less light, reducing the driver’s nighttime visibility. A new headlight bulb that typically projects a 240-foot beam will only be able to deliver a 160-foot beam after three years. That’s a whopping 33% percent less light and a critical safety concern.

Regarding headlight restoration, the plastic components can yellow and haze with weather, sun and sand, limiting visibility and diminishing the appearance and value of the vehicle. The dangers in terms of limited visibility are clear as it's a factor in 2.8 million accidents, 23,000 fatal crashes and 2,300 pedestrian deaths each year (according to the Motor Vehicle Lighting Council). Dim headlight bulbs and hazy plastic headlight lenses or surfaces may lead to this reduced visibility, putting you, your passengers and other cars at risk. The AAIA Car Care Council found that 26 percent of the cars it inspected had issues with their lighting system. Millions of cars on the road today have plastic headlight lenses. The problem increases with the age of the lens, and with the average age of cars on the road about 10 years old, the problem is growing. That is why it is important to correct hazy, dull headlights.

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