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6 Tips to Improve Car Performance

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Don't Neglect Car Maintenance

Following these 6 Tips to Improve Car Performance with the help of your favorite auto repair shop will increase automotive value, comfort and safety:

  1. Pay Attention To The Check Engine Light: According to, 10% of all drivers have a check engine light on at any time and 50% of those drivers ignore the light for more than 3 months. Ignoring a "check engine light" can be an expensive mistake that impacts fuel economy and have a snowball effect that can cause other problems or even risk safety. The #1 reason for a check engine light is a malfunctioning oxygen sensor which costs less than $500 to fix but ignoring it can reduce gas mileage by as much as 40%.
  2. Change Your Oil and Other Fluids Regularly: The most common mistake drivers make is to extend oil change intervals. If you don't keep up with the car manufacturer's recommended oil changes, you can damage your engine which can cost thousands of dollars to replace.
  3. Check Your Tire Pressure and Rotate Your Tires Regularly: Too little or too much air pressure affects gas mileage and is also a safety hazard that can cause a blowout. And not rotating your tires will dramatically decrease the life of your tires. With tires costing as much as $200 each, it makes sense to check your tire pressure monthly. We also recommend you check the air pressure in your spare tire during the rotation process.
  4. Don't Drive After Your Car Overheats: It's dangerous to drive your car after it overheats and it could result in further damage to your car. We recommend you let your car cool down and call AAA or a local repair shop for assistance.
  5. Change Fuel & Air Filters: An air filter is cheap but if it gets dirty it can cause an oxygen-sensor failure, which can cost more than $250, or the replacement of a catalytic converter for more than $1000.
  6. Avoid Using Inferior Replacement Parts: Cars are very high-tech so make sure your mechanic is using the right parts or it can cost you far more in later repair bills.
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