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5 Signs You Need A Oil Change

Many drivers rely completely on mileage to determine when their oil needs to be changed, but other factors, such as the quality of the oil and how the car is driven, also play a role. Fresh, clean oil improves the performance of your vehicle by lubricating parts and keeping the engine clean and healthy. However, the fluid degrades over time and becomes incapable of performing its functions. When this happens, your car will most likely exhibit at least one of the warning signs listed below.

1. Check Engine Light

The check engine light comes on due to a lot of things. But the thing they have in common is that they are important for the engine's proper work. It has no oil, temperatures rise, and this can result in a lit check engine light. Make sure to visit a repair shop because there are a lot of other things that the car can switch on.

2. Low Oil Level

The oil level can be checked by opening the hood, and pulling the oil dipstick when the car is cold. Firstly wipe the oil off and dip it again, to make sure it's accurate. The stick is marked, and if you spot it below the markings, an oil change might be due.

3. Oil Looks Sparkly

If your transmission or engine oil sparkles, that means very bad news. This is caused by metal particles from parts making contact with each other. Or it can look very dirty with big metal flakes, which is also a bad sign. Visit a repair shop for a professional inspection and opinion. 

4. Exhaust Smoke Changes Color

When your engine burns oil because it thins out and seeps into the block, the color of the exhaust smoke changes. There can also be spotted a difference in smell. 

5. Weird Engine Sounds

Strang and unusual sounds coming from your engine are never good. They can be caused by improper lubrication or bad oil, making the engine work harder than it should. Take advantage of this obvious sign and visit a mechanic for some help.

Oil Changes At DRIVE AutoCare!

Is your vehicle due for an oil change? Have you spotted any of the symptoms listed above? If that's the case, make sure to visit DRIVE AutoCare! Our team will be happy to help out and get you back on the road ASAP!

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