Transmission Repair

Transmission Replacement

Differential Diagnosis

Clutch Repair

Transmission Fluid Replacement

What Does the Transmission Do?

Transmissions play a crucial role in a vehicle’s ability to operate. Basically, transmissions carry the engine’s power to the drive axle by utilizing various gears, making it possible for the engine to run at various speeds.

Signs that Your Transmission Needs Repair

  • The fluid emits a “burned” smell
  • Unusual humming, grinding or clunking sounds, especially when the vehicle is in neutral
  • When trying to shift, the clutch stays engaged, causes grinding noises
  • Instead of smooth transitions when the gear changes, you’ll hear and often feel a thumping or grinding sensation
  • The transmission pops back into neutral or slips between gears while driving
  • A lag between gear changes, along with higher than normal RPMs for a gear change or speed