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How Do Engines Work - Explained Simple

In this blog, we will cover a topic that a lot of people are interested in – engines. It is good to know and can be helpful in some situations. Below we will go over the processes that engines go through, but we will keep it simple and easy to understand. Continue reading if you want to find out more!

1. Air Intake

The first step every engine goes through is the air intake. Air is collected from the outside by all of the holes and vents on the car and directed to an air filter. After the air is free of debris and pollutants, it travels to the cylinders. Keep in mind that every single step of the combustion process is precisely timed by either a timing belt or electronics.

2. Fuel Injection

The next step is fuel injection, which is pretty self-explanatory. Fuel travels from the gas tank to the engine and is sprayed into the cylinder. Why is it sprayed? Simply dumping it in won't produce as much power because it can't mix with the air, which makes it much more flammable.

3. Compression

By compression, we mean the piston moving upwards, resulting in a much denser mixture of fuel and air. This step is vital to generating as much power as possible.

4. Ignition And Combustion

The fuel and air mixture is ignited either by a spark or the high temperature caused by compression. The ignition source depends if it is a diesel or gasoline engine, but we won't get into detail because it can get quite complex. When the mixture is ignited, it explodes, moving the piston down and producing mechanical power.

5. Exhaust

The last step is the exhaustion of leftover gasses. The gasses can either go directly to a catalytic converter or to a turbo to provide more airflow to the engine. After this, all of the processes mentioned above are repeated thousands of times per minute.

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