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Back-To-School Vehicle Preparation

The Car Care Council reminds us to make sure your child’s back-to-school vehicle preparation is complete with this 4-point checklist: Check lights and wipers for visibility. With shorter days and inclement weather ahead, we recommend you check the exterior and interior lights and replace any that are dimming, rapidly blinking or not functioning.  Also check your […]


Buying Used Car? Follow these steps for success

Buying Used Car requires a little education and a lot of patience. Buying Used Car can be overwhelming.  In a perfect world, every person selling a car is perfectly honest and knows every fault with the vehicle he is selling. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so Donut Media produced this very amazing, […]


Avoid Costly Auto Repairs

Avoid Costly Auto Repairs by considering these recommendations from Consumer Affairs: Neglecting preventative maintenance and minor repairs Ignoring simple preventative maintenance, like changing the engine oil and filter, could damage your engine. It can also mean the difference in extending the life of your car.  Failing to make minor car repairs, such as replacing a thermostat or […]


The Dealer Alternative

The Dealer Alternative in Solana Beach: DRIVE AutoCare! Why is DRIVE the dealer alternative? Price:  Many industry studies have found that independent repair shops cost significantly less than the dealer.  At DRIVE, we are priced significantly below the dealers because our overhead is much lower.  And you should know that bringing your car to the dealer […]


7 Cars Owners Regret Buying

7 Cars Owners Regret Buying 7 Cars Owners Regret Buying, according to Consumer Reports magazine, are listed below.  Some cars look great but just aren’t ready for prime time.  And even the best car manufacturers produce a dud once in a while.  Be careful if you are considering the purchase of one of these vehicles: […]


VW Diesel Recall and What You Can Do

The recent acknowledgement by VW that it installed software to cheat U.S. emission tests is disheartening.  While VW is suffering a backlash from the scandal, losing $25 billion in market value since the news was announced, the implications for VW owners is less certain. The automaker is the largest car company in the world and recently […]


Lease or Buy a New Car?

We often wonder whether it’s best to lease or buy a new car.  According to, it’s not possible to simply say that one is always better than there other so they have provided a summary of Lease vs. Buy for your benefit: The SHORT-TERM monthly cost of leasing is always significantly less than the […]


Find Cheap Gas with The GasBuddy App

FIND CHEAP GAS Running on Empty?  No, it’s not just an amazing song by Jackson Browne. Sometimes you really are running on empty and that goes for your wallet too! Even though the price of gas has declined this year, you can rest easy if the “E” on your fuel gauge begins to glow ominously. […]

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