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Auto Repair Headlights Solana Beach Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe

Auto Repair Headlights Solana Beach Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe Auto Repair Headlights Solana Beach Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe, we recommend replacing headlights in pairs and restoring your lenses as needed.  Replacing just one failed bulb can result in an unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beam which is a potential safety risk.  For the driver, […]


Back-To-School Vehicle Preparation

The Car Care Council reminds us to make sure your child’s back-to-school vehicle preparation is complete with this 4-point checklist: Check lights and wipers for visibility. With shorter days and inclement weather ahead, we recommend you check the exterior and interior lights and replace any that are dimming, rapidly blinking or not functioning.  Also check your […]



Safety Dependability Longevity can be assured with routine automotive maintenance The key to automotive safety dependability longevity today and down the road is routine maintenance. Yet many drivers tend to stall when it comes to keeping up with some everyday basic maintenance.  A recent survey by the Car Care Council found that 89% of vehicles were in […]


Prepare Your Car For The Snow

Icy Roads, Snow Storms and Low Temperatures are all hazards you need to prepare for when heading to the mountains Prepare Your Car For The Snow: Tires, Lights, Wipers:  Check to make sure everything is in good working order Battery: Make sure the terminals are clean and the clamps are tight.  If your battery is more […]


Do You Have A Spare Tire?

Do You Have A Spare Tire? Do you have a spare tire?  No, not the got a spare tire around your waist, the one that should be in your trunk. Got A Spare Tire?  Many new cars don’t come with a spare tire anymore (half of the cars manufactured in 2015 did not have a spare) and […]


VW Diesel Recall and What You Can Do

The recent acknowledgement by VW that it installed software to cheat U.S. emission tests is disheartening.  While VW is suffering a backlash from the scandal, losing $25 billion in market value since the news was announced, the implications for VW owners is less certain. The automaker is the largest car company in the world and recently […]


Preparing Your Car for El Nino

Driving in the rain is not very common in San Diego and it happens every year when you are least prepared. So this year get a head start on Preparing Your Car for El Nino! Follow these tips for this winter’s inclement weather: Battery:  Replace weak batteries and have your charging system checked out by […]

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